Dedicated desk

Devoted Desk is collaborative and open workspaces, smartly placed overlooking the high-energy community couch location. These desks are readily available to associates on the first come first serve basis from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

That Which We've Got On-deck

  • Complementary Convention Space Utilization of 3 Fragrant Each 30 Days
  • Complementary Assembly Space Utilization of two Hrs Each 30 Days
  • Complementary Very Hot Beverages (Café Cofee Day) & Drinking-water
  • Hello speed Internet Connection (Wi-Fi )
  • Reception Twist for answering Phone Calls (10 A.M. to 6 P.M.)
  • Using Print-out Up-to 25 Print out Feb 30 Days
  • Free Parking for your Staff
  • off Ice Boy & Pantry Boy Products and Services

Dedicated Desk Membership

Commencing at $85.00

Dedicated desk committed accessibility from the shared workspace.

Resources You Get

Dedicated Desk

Parking Space

24×7 WiFi

Office Boy

Georgia Coffee Machine

Conference Room With Video Conferencing

Printer Access

Biometric and RFIC Card Access


Meeting Space

Other Memberships Plan

Dedicated Desk Membership

Starting up at $85

Devoted desk accessibility at the shared workspace

private Cabin Membership

Starting up at $330

Private a workplace to team cooperation.

Virtual Office Membership

Starting up at $35

Premium business office speech together with the telephone dispatch center.